Is RE 24/7/365 Legit or a Scam?

RE 24/7/365Even though the company has a nice website, graphics and videos, since it was recently launch into the market place and still on its beginning stage, it’s kind of hard to tell if RE 24/7/365 will stay around for the long haul. You have to ensure that before you will join in, you need to know about this first. Since most of their services and discount rely on 3rd parties it can be hard to predict if the company will be around for years to come and whether is safe to invest your time and hard work on building a down line for the RE247365 business opportunity. This business opportunity can help you if you just know what to do.

RE 24/7/365 it’s a new network company based at Fort Meyers Florida that was recently founded by Peter Jensen. According to their website their main objective is to save people money on essential everyday services for their home or business. You have to keep in mind that according to their website RE247365 has formed an alliance and partner up with America Approve energy Services (AAC) which is how they can offer discounts to affiliates in the electricity department. Aside from that, Re247265 has partner up with Archer travel, which is a travel agency that can offer rep discounts, when they book their travel through RE247365.