3 Essential Oils You Should Have At Home

doterra-oils-logoBelow are the three main essential oils you should always have at home. They are beneficial to your health and they can help cure or prevent some of the health complications that are very common. Well as you may already know doterra oils are some of the highly sought after types of oils. If you have the three types of oils at home ensure that you use them regularly. This is especially so if you also have a pre existing health condition. It is important to ensure that you research widely on the various uses of these oils and to also make sure that you get the pure oils from reputable companies.

You should have lemon oil at home. As you may already know, lemon is a versatile fruit. It is one of the most important fruits you should take on a regular basis. Taking the oil regularly will help prevent sore throat and other infections of the upper respiratory system. You just need to add a drop of lemon oil to your water once per day and you are assured of better health. Secondly you should also have lavender. This type of oil will help you relax better at night. It also helps as pain relief and may also be applied on burns.

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